5 Things Everyone Loves in Bed

1. Foreplay

Where do i even begin?

Let’s just start with the word: Foreplay. Fore. Play. Playing before. Nothing takes sex to a whole new level than playing with your partner before you jump in.

And then, once you do — foreplay takes sex to new places. It feels so good to hold back from what you want, only to finally ravage each other later. To let yourselves want each other so bad that you absolutely can’t stand it anymore. And when you finally go for it, to explode with ecstasy. All because you took your time in the beginning…

Now that’s good sex.

2. Confidence

Let’s be honest: we love it when our partner knows what they’re doing in bed. And not just doing, but feeling. There’s nothing hotter than knowing we’re really into someone — and knowing that they know we’re into them. That crazy, delicious power is true confidence.

And confidence is contagious. Ever notice how confident people have a way of drawing everyone close, of making them feel both excited and secure? When you’re around someone who isn’t afraid of anything, you won’t be either. That applies out in the world and under the covers.

So how do you become confident? Well, you can start by acting confident, and discover just how confident you really are with your partner. It’s already inside of you, waiting to come out. 

At the end of the day, confidence is that special something that seduces and inspires the people we’re with. Explore your confidence, and it’ll change your life.

3. Desire

We’re attracted to people who love having sex. Simple as that.

Why? Because there’s nothing more intoxicating than wanting someone — nothing, except being wanted right back. And sex is the purest form of that desire.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people try to hide their desires. Maybe because they’re “too much.” Maybe because we’re afraid of scaring people. Maybe because other people aren’t in touch with their desires.

Because when both of you want each other more than you can handle, that’s when great sex becomes possible. Sex becomes more than an act, more than just two bodies — it becomes an expression of insane, hot, unchecked desire.


4. Dirty Talk

This is one of our favorites. Beyond the physical aspect of sex, it’s the emotional connection that makes it incredible. And a big part of that emotional connection is listening and communicating with your partner — not just through your body, but with your words and your thoughts.

That’s why dirty talk is so damn sexy. Hearing your partner say things you’re thinking in your head — or surprising you with things in theirs — is one of the hottest things in the world. It brings you closer together, and it’s exciting way to know just how much they’re into it.

Research backs this up. We know that hearing things — in addition to seeing them and feeling them — can have a crazy intense effect on our experiences. It hits a different part of our brain, which stimulates a different part of our body, which adds an entirely new dimension to sex.

People don’t talk about it too much, but they should. Dirty talk is where confidence and desire find a new kind of expression. And if you introduce it just right during foreplay, and keep it up through sex, you can add a whole new layer to your sex life!

5. Security

Sex is a delicate balancing act. Between pushing your boundaries and still feeling safe. Between trying new things and getting what you want.

In order to nail that balance, we — especially women — need to feel secure.

That means creating a safe space for your partner by being right there with them and having an experience together.

It also means getting rid of any judgments you bring into bed — about what is right and wrong, good and bad, hot or not. It’s perfectly normal to have those feelings, but hanging on to them will only get in the way of great sex.

And finally, it means being open to new ideas, positions, thoughts and fantasies without pre-judging them. The moment you become open to new things, you’ll be surprised by what turns you on, and you’ll be surprised that your partner is turned on by it too.

‘Cuz sex is one of the best ways we have to be ourselves — not what other people want us to be, but who we really are. But to do that, we need to feel safe and secure. That’s what sex is all about!